Show Up. Be Opened. And Listen.

Show Up. Be Opened. And Listen.

Are you a learner who listens first? A listener who learns? There are those who learn by occupying themselves with peaceful menial tasks while the lesson is happening so that they can center in on the ear. While some prefer to watch or move first, you prefer to hear first. Somehow, someway you get past the tertiary noise. You may have read the early education article about 5 Types of Auditory Learners and How to Support Them. But what about you, who are currently adulting? 

There are many who have that special grace of being able to remain in the peace of Christ while the world makes its noises. If that is you – what a gift!

If it’s not naturally your way – it’s understandable. Sometimes one must demand silence, (intentional silence), and peace in their lives by actively removing the Noise. Here are some quick jump start ideas.

  • Rising early and moving within the silence to your first cup of coffee without looking at your phone.
  • Awakening to something friendlier than that buzzing alarm.
  • Your baby is screaming. Walk and move slowly. Allow – but be the calm in the storm. You might be screaming inside, but you’re committed to responding differently. (It has been my experience as a teacher that children listen more intently when mom and dad go quiet.)
  • Planned Silence. Yep, it’s a thing. Whenever you say. Just turn off all the noise and have an “at-home retreat” for one hour. (You can plan this for your children, too.)
  • Fast for a day from social media.
  • Teachers: I remember in grade school my teachers used to have us play the “quiet game” – now I know why. Family teachers: extend the lullaby today.
  • Respond to texts later.
  • Go for a walk – without the earbuds – and get in touch with the sound of your own heartbeat.
  • Stop. Soften your eyes. Count to 10 quietly. Take one deep breath. (It works wonders.)
  • Pray. (It works miracles.)

If there’s one that sticks out as “impossible” – gravitate there. There may be a surprise waiting. But choose one and try it. When was the last time you “stole away” into silence?

Let it be today.

When Jesus healed the deaf and mute man he put his thumbs into the deaf man’s ears and said the word: Ephphatha. In English? “Be Opened.” He commanded him to open up his ears and hear. God wants us to have ears to hear. But we have to show up and be willing to listen.

Listen to him. MT 17:5

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