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Read what current and past clients who have experienced Music & More classes, Creative Dramatics, Private Coaching and Teacher Training have to say about Look Up Music & Creative Arts.


Elise Mom - Music & More: Tots

"Fleur, I just wanted to send you a message to say how much my kiddos are loving your music class. Jane is running around singing "button button button zzzz" as we speak and Patrick has been singing the "Good Morning Song" and "Horsey Horsey"! Just thought you should know. Happy Sunday!"

Patricia Kelly

Patricia Kelly Pre-K/Elementary Educator & Educational Psychology Lecturer

"Fleur is blessed with the gift of being able to connect personally with both child and parent. With love and enthusiasm, Fleur guides her students and their parents toward personal and spiritual growth through creative music and movement adventures. She models behaviors that guide children’s development so that parents can learn those behaviors, understand their impact and reinforce them at home. Fleur’s instruction and inspiration extend far beyond the classroom experience!"

Alexis Hall

Alexis Hall Children's Ministry Director, The Branch Church

"This program is incredible! Every aspect is developmentally appropriate, high quality and life-giving. Fleur has a true gift of teaching and inspiring - not to mention being a professional actor, musician, childhood educator and writer. As a fellow educator, I am so glad to be able to recommend Look Up Music and Creative Arts wholeheartedly.

Sue Jacinovich

Sue Jacinovich Professional Actress

"It is obvious Fleur has dug deep into what blocks the creative spirit and offers concrete suggestions and exercises to get you out of your head and into God's plan. Her humor and warmth instantly put you at ease. And while her humor carries throughout the session, she knows the seriousness (and stubbornness) to these creative/emotional/spiritual blocks."

Robin Harris

Robin Harris Faith Formation Director, St. Michael's Catholic Church

"Thank you for the virtual coaching. I have grown increasingly confident in sharing my in person teaching style by way of a virtual format. Thank you so much and I totally recommend your coaching to every parent, teacher, catechist, and mentor!"

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