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Look Up! Music & Creative Arts

Music and Theatre Arts Integration for children & youth.
Coaching & Support for Homeschool Moms and Teachers.

Our Classes & Workshops

Join us anytime for our Winter Series beginning January 7th. All classes Easter time via Zoom.

Young Actor with Script

Private Coaching for the Young Actor

Auditions, character & text study, memorization techniques, monologue prep, performance coaching for the musical audition, diction & phrasing, vocal technique, understanding the musicality and "translating" of Shakespeare. Contemporary & Classical works.

45.00 | 30 minutes
65.00 | 45 minutes
Email: info@lookupmusicandcreativearts.com to schedule session.

Look Up! Music & More: Tots

Music & Theatre "Play" Integration: developmentally appropriate.
(Singing, Storytelling and more!)
Families with children up to age 6.
Siblings are free.

8 Week Series Beginning January 7th or 9th - February 25th or 27th

Thursdays at 10:30am | 35 to 40 minutes via Zoom. | 197.00 for full Series | 30.00 per class

Saturdays at 10:15am: 227.00 for full Series | 45.00 per class

Look Up! Theatre Arts

Acting classes, Improv, Storytelling, Warmups, Diction, Breathing, Characterization, FUN!

Theatre Arts Integration takes what we learn into the world for better living!

8 Week Series Only. Beginning January 7th or 9th - February 25th or 27th. All via Zoom.

Look Up Creative Artists: (Grades K-2)
Saturdays at 11:15am | 45 minutes | 227.00

Look Up Creative Dramatics: (Grades 3-5) | Thursdays at 4:30pm | 45 minutes | 227.00

Mom and Girl Music

HomeSchool Coaching

Help for Mom. Help for teachers. Break free of the overwhelm. Learn simple tips and tricks to smooth out the day. Teach from your authentic self.

Learn more by emailing: info@lookupmusicandcreativearts.com.

Hourly and package rates available.
Free 30 minute consultation.

Mom's Time (Picture of baby plant growing)

Mom's Time Support Hour

You need a spiritual weekly reset with moms just like you: smart, witty, engaging, sometimes struggling, feeling isolated, needing connection and a spiritual reset.
Get it here.

8 Week Series Beginning January 7th - February 25th

Thursdays at 2:30pm | 1 hour via Zoom. | 160.00 for Full Series | 30.00 for single session

Wooden Doll with Dance Sign

Musical Movement for the Non-Dancer

Two left feet? This is the class you've been waiting for. No judgement, just movement and inspiration.

Adults only. 21+
8 Week Series Beginning January 7th - February 25th

Thursdays at 7:00-8:15pm via Zoom
197.00 for full Series | 30.00 Per class.

For private coaching sessions please email info@lookupmusicandcreativearts.com to schedule.

To enroll in any class or workshop use the button below. You will be able to fill in the appropriate fee via direct Pay Pal link to Look Up Music & Creative Arts, LLC. Please list your class/time in the note section. Thank you!

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